So much has happened.....

A lot has happened in the last few months, Open for Art was a huge success, I sold all of the sea life series, I took part in a few other exhibitions and sold the 3 large women and a few of the small ones too. I obviously have to get going and create something new.

The most important news is probably that one of my works is accepted by the South West Academy of Fine Art for their annual open exhibition in Exeter castle.

You can see my entry here 

The work accepted is a little different from my usual art. It is a little dress, titled 'Childhood Dreams'

The artwork is an old fashioned child's nightdress with images of happy dreams and the face of a little girl on the front and some terrifying images of the little girl in different situations, where she is scared and trying to hide on the back.

The inspiration for this work came from my work as Psychotherapist in Germany, where I used to work with victims of sexual abuse.

The two sides of the dress represent the reality, the back of the dress with all its fears and hopeless feelings and the imaginary fantasy world on the front, with a hiding place, a friendly dragon and some happy imaginations. Sometimes the only way to cope with reality, is to escape to a better world in their imagination.

I used the more subtle embroidery and the dull colours on the back to represent how difficult it is for abused children to let others see their reality.