Antje Rook

Textile Art

Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul – and you answer it!


The 3 womwn are back from the framer!

the 3 womwn are back from the framer and I'm very happy how they look now! See yourself!

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Exhibition in the Engine Room in Poundbury

If you want to see a selection of my work and are looking for a Christmas present, why not visit the Engine Room in Poundbury, enjoy some of their delicious cakes and have a stroll through the Winter-Wonderland in the garden centre?

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Prints available soon!!!

Due to the interest in the women series, I decided to have them printed. From next week on you can order them as high quality giclee prints in different sizes.

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the fisherman's wife II

When ' The fisherman's wife' went on her journey to Montana, I was a little upset, because I had just finished her and she was gone. I know she has found a good home now, but I missed her anyway. Therefore I made 'The fisherman's wife II'. 

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After many suggestions from other artists and friends, I put some more herbs and flowers in her hair and think she is finished now:  The Herbalist's Daughter!

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The Herbalist's Daughter

I'm now working on portrait number 2, 'the herbalist's daughter'.

She is not finished yet, but I show you a little glimpse. I think I have to do something with the background, at least that's what my friend said. And because she is a wise woman, I will do so. 

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The fisherman's wife

The fisherman's wife was the first of a series of women's portraits. They all are identified trough men, their husband, their fathers, their brothers etc. My intention is, to show how much identity, character and expression they have as independent persons.  For me it is significant to do this in a traditional 'female' medium, sewing and embroidery, technics which still struggle to get recognized in the art world.

'The fisherman's wife' is now sold and goes to a good home in Montana/USA

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Antje Rook was born in Germany in 19 64 and lived in the countryside near Cologne till she and her husband moved to the Isle of Portland in Dorset.
Having trained  as a Social Worker and Psychotherapist, she was always keen to bring a creative element into her life to keep things balanced.
After working with stone for several years, she had to stop stone carving due to health problems and turned to working with textiles. She always loved the textures, the colours and  the possibilities of fabric and fibres.
One of her deepest beliefs is, that being creative and making beautiful things is important for the soul. A great motivation is to make herself and other people happy with her art.
Her work is very much inspired by her environment, but also by other people and her experiences.
If possible, she tries to work with recycled material and you can find her looking for interesting material on car boot sales and in charity shops.
She still lives on The Isle of Portland with her husband and her 2 border collies.

She is a member of Artwey,  a Dorset art group and you can find her on the Artwey website here:
She also is now a member of the Society for Embroidered Work, S.E.W,

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All my art works are originals. Every piece is made with thoughtful preparation, sometimes weeks of thinking, considering, doubting... I put a lot of love and passion into my work and my main goal is, that people feel happy looking at them. For sales within the UK the postage is £8 for other countries £15. Shipping will be within 3 days. This is for unframed pictures, unless otherwise stated.